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Radiology careers

Working closely with patients, radiology technologists take X-rays.  Experienced radiology techs may perform more complex imaging procedures, such as computed tomography, ultrasound, angiography or magnetic resonance imaging scans. In addition, radiology techs may also be responsible for maintaining their equipment while working under the direction of radiologists, medical doctors who specialize in interpreting radiographs. The information from the images assists in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury.

Wage Range

Depending upon position, education and years of experience. Wages may be higher for specialty areas.


Successful candidates should possess:

  • BS in Radiology
  • OSBRT and/or ARRT certification
  • High level of attention to detail.  Maintains a thorough knowledge and adheres to the radiation safety guidelines outlined by the hospital and other agencies.
  • Experience using advanced digital imaging and other diagnostic software systems
  • Excellent communication, customer service and teamwork skills
  • Excellent critical thinking and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently

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Career Advancement

Before enrolling in the radiology technology program, applicants must have verifiable work experience (paid or volunteer) either directly in a radiology department or in another certified healthcare field (i.e. CNA, CMA). SCHS employs CNAs, CMAs and radiology assistants and clerks, allowing future radiology technologists an opportunity to work in the hospital setting while completing their prerequisites.

Career Advancement Opportunities:

  • CT Technologist
  • Special Procedures Technologist
  • Nuclear Med Tech
  • Ultrasound Tech

With experience and additional training, registered radiology technologists can be promoted into various supervisory positions:  coordinator, supervisor, manager, and director.

General Information

St. Charles Health System has been an advocate of radiology technology distance learning and providing educational opportunities to existing caregivers. Upon completion of prerequisites locally at COCC, students may transfer to Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Ore. or Oregon Institution of Technology in Klamath Falls, Ore. to continue their Radiology education to obtain a four year degree. SCHS allows four-year program students an opportunity to complete a one-year externship program at our hospitals. Our Radiology staff works very closely with both LBCC and OIT to provide our externs the required clinical education. Our relationship with LBCC has developed over the past few years, and the partnership with OIT has been going strong for several decades.

Annually, our Radiology department offers two or more, one-year Radiology Technology externships. These externships are made available through the colleges, and are very highly sought after due to our strong Radiology program and our quality care hospitals. Our externs become temporary Radiology caregivers for one year providing assistance to the department, while they complete their clinical competencies.