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The Progressive Care Unit: a flexible care model to better serve patients

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The second level of the new tower—the Progressive Care Unit (PCU)—will be an acuity adaptable 28-bed unit where medical and step-down patients will stay. The objective of this unit is to flex the care model as patients’ conditions change, rather than moving patients from one unit to another to receive different levels of care.

Using the space this way will not only help provide the right level of care to our patients as their needs change, but also help support patient flow through the hospital by decreasing the “bottlenecks” created in some areas that average 90 to 100 percent capacity.

By opening the PCU, the current IMCU will be able to focus on cardiovascular step-down patients, and the medical and surgical floors will be able to avoid operating above an 85 percent census on a regular basis, shifting some higher acuity patients to the new unit.

The PCU will have telemetry capability in all rooms. Additionally, 14 of the rooms will have bedside physiological monitoring to support care for higher acuity patients.

The PCU, as well as the Bend IMCU and the ICUs in both Bend and Redmond, will report to Critical Care Services Director Selena Smith.