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Preoperative Medicine

Giving Surgical Patients Peace of Mind

Our goal at St. Charles Preoperative Medicine is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive care for surgical patients. Through preoperative examination, testing and assessment, we strive to ensure safe procedures by addressing any existing medical conditions or potential problems that may arise during surgery.

All patients who visit our clinic will be examined by our Preoperative Medicine provider team who will:
  • Review patients' medical history and perform a detailed physical exam
  • Provide instructions for perioperative medication management
  • Initiate necessary preoperative testing
  • Discuss possible perioperative risks and make further recommendations to minimize those risks
  • Consult with subspecialists as necessary
  • Recommend post-operative management of medical issues
There are many reasons to use a preoperative service. Through this process, patients will:
  • Receive a timely, thorough preoperative evaluation and internal medicine consultation
  • Benefit from the Preoperative Medicine team's coordination of preoperative care, lab follow-up and subspecialist consultation
  • Encounter decreased intraoperative cardiac events and decreased pulmonary complications
  • Experience decreased surgery cancellations and/or delays

The Preoperative Medicine team

Dr. Brooke Hall graduated with distinction from the University of Michigan in 1995 and earned her medical degree at Wayne State University in Detroit. After completing her medical residency at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., she earned internal board medicine certification in 2003. Since that time, Dr. Hall has served as a hospitalist, preoperative clinic director and internal medicine physician. She has called Bend home since 2006.