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UPDATE: 27th Street Sewer Line Project in Bend

The Medical Center Drive intersection on 27th Street will be restricted to right in/right out turn movements in both directions beginning May 29. The Medical Center Drive intersection on Neff Road will be completely operational. Businesses and medical providers in the area have been notified.

After meeting with the construction team and ODOT staff, it has been determined that the pedestrian crossing of 27th Street at Medical Center Drive will be closed during construction in this area due to unsafe conditions posed with construction equipment being so close and no signalization available to assist with pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are asked to cross 27th Street at either Neff Road or Mary Rose Place.

The Neff Road and 27th Street intersection will be reopened to all traffic movements the week of May 29. The Snowberry Village north entrance will also be paved and reopened.

Utility crews are continuing relocation work in the Neff Road and Purcell Blvd. area, including intermittent night crossings.