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Lab Olympics

Author: Kayley Mendenhall, 4/29/2014 12:00:00 AM

Lab Olympics

It starts with hand sanitizer and ends with a tourniquet around a handrail and a dash across the finish line.

The Lab Olympics — inspired by National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week — give St. Charles Bend Laboratory caregivers a chance to show off their skills, try a few new ones and celebrate the work they do with each other.

"We have different events for each Lab department so that no one has an unfair advantage," explained Sharon Reams, microbiology supervisor, who worked with Carrie Wilson to plan the Lab Week activities including the Olympics.

All week Lab caregivers have celebrated by wearing different themed clothing each day — including hippie day and Hawaiian day. The final event was the Lab Olympics on Friday afternoon. This year's winner, Alex Lugas, smiled broadly as he broke through the red streamer marking the finish.

In addition to the hand sanitizer and tourniquet tying, participants raced each other to see how fast they could open and use pipets, separate test tubes by size, stack petri dishes, check orders for errors and toss mock stool samples (chocolate syrup) into basins.

As they watched and cheered on their co-workers, the Lab team laughed, took pictures and thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

"It's been a really good week," Reams said.