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Inspiring the next generation of health care professionals

Author: Kayley Mendenhall, 1/31/2014 12:00:00 AM


A group of 18 kindergarteners from Seven Peaks School visited St. Charles Bend this week to get a look at how a hospital works and to talk about the things they can do to keep themselves healthy.

The visit was part of the class's recent lesson on body systems and the kids had answers to lots of questions. They listed off the names of their favorite bones — including the skull, ribs and even phalanges. When talking about the tibia, one child said, "My sister broke hers. She was skiing and ran into a tree."

In a discussion of healthy foods, the kids declared that water is, "the healthiest thing for you in the world."

While visiting the Emergency Department, Manager Steve Kreps talked to the class about ways not to spread the flu, exercises that keep you healthy and why wearing a helmet is so important — because if you fall, you break your helmet and not your head.

Kreps encouraged the students to think about pursuing medical professions and explained what nurses do, including administering shots.

"I don't scream when I get shots," one girl said proudly, "but my brother does."

Thanks to Seven Peaks and to Cascades East AHEC for organizing the visit and brightening our caregivers' day.