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Donor Profiles

Read profiles of remarkable St. Charles Foundation donors and consider joining them in their support.

At St. Charles Foundation, we are grateful to all of our donors. We depend on generous gifts from individuals, businesses, the medical community and private foundations to fund our ongoing work. While reasons for giving are various, all of our donors share a generosity of spirit and commitment to improving the health of our community. Please enjoy stories of remarkable donors and consider joining them in helping us ensure the highest quality health care for patients in our region.

  • Kathleen Kemple Adams

    Donor Profile: Kathleen Kemple Adams

    Some inherit dimples from their fathers or musical ability from their moms. Kathleen inherited a spirit of altruism from her parents.

  • Ken Provencher

    Donor Profile: PacificSource

    St. Charles Foundation's generous donors come in a variety of forms, from individuals to local businesses to national organizations...

  • Ann Farry

    Donor Profile: Ann Farry

    As a cancer survivor, Ann Farry knows that when treatment services are located in different places it can be complicated, expensive and inconvenient.