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Orthopedic and Neurological Care

Back and Neck Surgery

Are You a Candidate for Back or Neck Surgery?

It’s a major decision to have back or neck surgery. St. Charles Health System in Central Oregon is here to help you make the best choice. Basically, it comes down to weighing the relief against the risks. Back or neck surgery can have many benefits, especially if you’re suffering with the pain of bulging or herniated disks. The most important thing is that you should spend a lot of time talking to your doctor before you make a decision and consider everything before you conclude surgery is the best option.

Have You Tried All Your Options?

Treatments for back pain depend entirely on the cause. In many cases, you can manage back pain with simple conservative treatments like rest, back bracing and various types of medicines. If you’ve taken all these measures and nothing has helped, surgery may be your next step.

Which Surgery is Right for You?

There are many different types of spine and neck surgery, including laser and minimally invasive techniques. Advancements in technology have provided better success with repairing or healing a hurting back or neck. Spine surgery can include a number of options:
  • Laminectomy – Certain conditions of the spine can compress the spinal cord and cause pain. A laminectomy opens up your spinal canal to relieve pressure on spinal nerves.
  • Vertebroplasty –An acrylic cement mixture is injected into the fractured vertebra. The cement mixture fills in and strengthens the fractured vertebra to relieve pain.
  • Spinal fusion –Two vertebrae in the spine or neck are joined using a bone graft. This permanently stops movement between the vertebrae. Although you may notice some loss of mobility, spinal fusion can be a major success in treating a number of spinal conditions and diseases.

Recovery After Spine Surgery

Some spine surgeries are short and only require a night in the hospital, but others can take hours and require days and weeks in the hospital or a rehabilitation center. At St. Charles Health System, we know what to expect from each type of spine surgery, and are ready with the specialists to get you on the path to feeling great again.

To determine if spinal surgery is right for you, talk to your specialist today.

The team of physicians and specialists at St. Charles have long been recognized as leaders in treating back and neck problems with surgery in Central Oregon.