Pathways to health care careers

Building health care pathways and sustainable health care in Oregon communities

Cascades East AHEC, serving Central and Southeastern Oregon, seeks to improve the availability, continuity and quality of health care for communities and populations in need through education. We partner with colleges, universities, training programs and community agencies and groups to generate programs that help develop a well-prepared, high-quality health care workforce in our area. Programs cover early childhood (K-16) education, professional training and support for practicing professionals.

Cascades East AHEC has partnered with St. Charles Health System since 2000. This collaboration links the resources of two organizations with strong commitments to community health and health care access. Together, we serve health care providers and communities in the Cascades East AHEC region through initiatives such as continuing education programs that reach many of the rural communities through a teleconferencing system.

Our statewide partnership with OHSU and other AHEC centers across the state enables us to leverage our resources to impact more students, parents, teachers and health professionals, helping us increase access to health care and the overall quality of health care in our communities.

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Stephanie Leapaldt, MS
Director, CEAHEC, St. Charles Student Services Manager

Rob Ross, MD
Director, Provider Academics, Research and Clinical Services