Get paid to become a Medical Assistant

In 2021, St. Charles partnered with Central Oregon Community College (COCC) to create a Medical Assistant (MA) trainee program with the purpose of providing an opportunity to start or advance a career in patient care.

This 9-month program allows Medical Assistant trainees to be paid an hourly wage while completing classes after hours and labs on Saturdays. Cost of tuition is covered!

Apply Today!

External Search: Patient Service Rep-Medical Assistant COCC Trainee

  • A math placement test is required. (Supplemental classes available if needed.)
  • Applications accepted through January 2023.
  • The first class will begin April 3, 2023.
  • The goal is to train 24 MAs in 2023.
  • Trainees will work 3/4 time in some capacity at St. Charles and spend 1/4 time studying while being paid at your current rate of pay.
  • Trainees who are accepted into the program will be asked to commit to working as a Medical Assistant for St. Charles for at least two years.
  • Everyone who successfully completes this program will be placed in a medical assistant position.

For more information, contact Victoria Little at