Orientation FAQs

Question: What is my schedule during Monday's orientation?
Answer: Prepare for a full day. Orientation starts at 7:45 a.m. and ends around 4:45 p.m. A specific schedule will be given on Monday.

Question: What should I wear to orientation?
Answer: Business attire is expected, which means no jeans, flip-flops, T-shirts, tank tops or other unprofessional attire.

Question: When do I sign up for benefits?
Answer: If you qualify for benefits, you will have 30 days to sign up. We will cover additional details during orientation.

Question: When do benefits take effect?
Answer: For those who qualify, benefits start on the next full month after your start date.

Question: How much ETO will I accrue?
Answer: There are many variables that go into calculating ETO. Click here to view our ETO policy.

Question: What type of scrubs do I need to wear?
Answer: For your first week, business casual with comfortable shoes will be fine. Your manager will let you know the specifics within your department.