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Laura graduated from Regis University in Denver in 2013 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, after years preparing for this dream as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and ski instructor. Laura is dedicated to educating her patients about how they can take better care of their bodies and help them return to doing what they love in their lives. Laura has taken continuing education in spinal and hip care, ribcage dysfunction, running biomechanics, yoga injuries, and most recently honed her skills for women’s health physical therapy. Laura has developed a strong passion for treating a variety of women’s health conditions, such as incontinence and pelvic pain, but is most passionate about caring for her pre and post-natal patients after the challenging birth of her daughter Jasper in 2015.

“I want to be part of a healthcare team that empowers women to have the knowledge and tools they need to take care of their bodies across their lifespan, especially during pregnancy and post-partum when we experience such dramatic physiological changes in such a short space of time. My hope is that more and more mothers will feel empowered to take care of themselves in this intense period of life when we are designed to take care of others with all we have”.

Laura, who adventured across the ocean from her native home in Australia in her early 20s to travel and ski “real mountains”, now calls Bend her home with her husband, 2 year old little girl and dog Aly. In her free time Laura enjoys reading, journaling, practicing yoga and most of all being active in our beautiful outdoor playground trail running, skiing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, camping, hiking and surfing the Oregon coast with her family.

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