Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

An annual wellness visit provides quality individualized care to our Medicare Part B patients.

What can I expect from an annual wellness visit?

  • Detailed medication review
  • Discussion of detailed personal health history and family health history
  • Weight and blood pressure measurements
  • Screening for any cognitive impairments
  • Depression screening
  • Diet and exercise discussion and education
  • Fall risk screening
  • Opportunity for you to make sure your medical record is accurate and up-to-date

How can the annual wellness visit benefit you?

  • Development of personal screening schedule for appropriate preventive services
  • Personalized health recommendations and referrals to health education and preventive counseling services aimed at reducing identified risk factors and promoting wellness
  • Review of your functional ability to perform normal daily activities and level of safety
  • Advanced care planning assistance with Advanced Directive or POLST form

Who qualifies for annual wellness visits?

Medicare Part B covers these visits if:

  • You have been enrolled in Medicare Part B for over 12 months
  • Traditional Medicare patients are eligible for one wellness visit every year, 366 days after their previous visit
  • Medicare Advantage patients are eligible for this visit once every calendar year

Is the annual wellness visit a physical exam?

This visit is not a head-to-toe exam and there are no diagnostic procedures performed. It is a yearly appointment with your primary care team to create or update a personalized prevention plan. 

How do I schedule an annual wellness visit?

  • Call your primary care provider’s office to schedule this visit with your care team
  • Bring all your medications, including supplements and vitamins, or bring a detailed list of what you are taking
  • Bring a list of all care providers, including doctors, specialists, dentists, optometrists and medical equipment suppliers

Where can I get more information about Medicare’s annual wellness visit?