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Neff/Purcell project update near St. Charles Bend

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Neff/Purcell Sewer Line Project – Jan. 4, 2018

Entrances at St. Charles Bend

As work continues on Neff Road, the intersection at Neff and Medical Center Drive may experience some confined traffic movements while the crew ties into the manhole just west of the intersection. Eastbound vehicles on Neff will still be allowed to access the hospital campus from Neff to Medical Center Drive, however the dedicated left turn lane will not be available for approximately two weeks. We encourage patients and visitors to use the Williamson Blvd., Purcell Blvd., and Conners Ave. access points. Signage will be added and improvements to the entry at Williamson will be done to better accommodate added traffic. Until final paving is completed, it will continue to be a bit of a rough road.

Traffic from the east, turning into the campus on Medical Center Drive will still have the same access as today. Neff Road between Medical Center Drive and Purcell Blvd. will continue to be closed to westbound traffic as sewer work and paving is completed.

Additional constructions updates:

  • Pipe installation continues on the section of Neff Road between Purcell Blvd. and Medical Center Dr. Westbound traffic is still closed between these intersections. Eastbound traffic continues through the construction zone. Please be cautious of the activities in this area as traffic patterns continue to change.
  • Currently the Medical Center campus can be accessed from Purcell Blvd., Williamson Blvd. and Medical Center Dr. During the next few weeks, you may want to focus on using the Purcell and Williamson access points.
  • Concrete work and final lift paving activities on Neff Road will still remain after pipe installation is complete. Stay tuned for more details as both are weather dependent.
Visit the City of Bend website for more information.