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Laboratory careers

St. Charles Health System includes a regional laboratory located on the Bend campus, and smaller hospital labs located at St. Charles Redmond, Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Prineville and St. Charles Madras. Our lab encourages growth and opportunities for staff, with the possibility of rising to Medical Laboratory Technologist (MT/ASCP) in addition to other support and clinical positions.

Wage Range

Depending upon position, education and years of experience.

Phlebotomy/Specimen Processing
Depending upon position, education, and years of experience.

Medical Lab Technologist
Depending upon position, education, and years of experience.

Successful candidates should possess:

  • Previous direct patient care experience (preferably in a lab setting) and/or college science background highly preferred (biology, chemistry, anatomy/physiology, etc.)
  • Computer training and medical terminology preferred.
  • High level of attention to detail and ability to handle, with training, bio-hazardous material and possible infections materials.
  • Excellent communication, customer service and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to also work independently.


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Career Advancement

  • Phlebotomists Phlebotomy is the collection of blood from a vein, but other collection techniques are sometimes used. Because they work in a medical environment, phlebotomists must be familiar with sterilization practices and infection control practices. Due to the risk of infectious disease, strict guidelines must be adhered to when collecting blood samples from patients. These employees will interpret physician orders, use multiple information systems for ordering and retrieving information about tests and will be required to become knowledgeable with Medicare laboratory billing practices so determinations can be made with regards to the payment the procedures. Communication, professionalism and customer service skills are an important part of being a phlebotomist.
  • Specimen processing assistants Specimen processing assistants handle patient specimens for transport to various areas of the laboratory. They will identify samples with 100 percent accuracy. They must be familiar with infection control practices and may be required to have a degree of understanding with billing practices. They will use multiple information systems to retrieve information. Communication and customer service skills are an important part of being a specimen processor.
  • Technical lab assistants Technical lab assistants perform a variety of duties to assist the medical laboratory technologists and/or pathologists in the medical laboratory. Their duties generally relate to the set up of routine tests, handling and testing quality control samples and reviewing data, filing results, reporting results to physicians and maintaining records required by state licensing agencies. Because they handle medical samples, they must be familiar with infection control practices. They will use multiple information systems to retrieve information.
  • Medical laboratory technologist Medical laboratory technologists are accountable to perform laboratory procedures and evaluations in order to assist physicians in diagnosis and to provide quality patient care. There are many procedures which must be performed using policies and practices consistent with state/and or federal regulatory agencies. Handling patient samples, performing quality control procedures and maintaining equipment are included in their daily responsibilities. They phone and discuss critical results with physicians and maintain accurate records. Because they handle medical samples they must be familiar with infection control practices. They will use multiple information systems to retrieve and report patient information.

With experience and additional training, registered medical technologists can be promoted into various supervisory positions: coordinator, supervisor, manager and director.

General Information

St. Charles Health System is an advocate of medical technology distance learning and providing educational opportunities to existing caregivers. We partner with Portland Community College to provide a clinical experience for individuals enrolled in the medical laboratory technician associate of applied science degree. Caregivers may begin their career at St. Charles as a phlebotomist, a specimen processing assistant, or as a technical lab assistant. We prefer that our phlebotomists have received training through an accredited program, however we do on occasion provide on-site training. Specimen processing assistants customarily have excellent customer service skills with a background in science and medical office experience. When hiring technical lab assistants, we lean towards candidates with a bachelor's of science degree in the sciences (biology, chemistry, etc.), as they work closely with our registered medical technologist and may have an opportunity to receive educational opportunities to become registered as a medical technologist.