Access Scheduling Portal

Use the Scheduling Portal for new procedure scheduling requests, to modify existing requests (including changing, canceling or rescheduling a procedure), to confirm scheduled cases and line-ups, and to release assigned block time.

Contact Scheduling to request access or report issues.

Urgent/Emergent Add-Ons

Add-ons are Urgent/Emergent cases with the exception of patients who are currently in house. Case Requests received on the day of surgery or after 11:00am for the next surgical date are considered Add-ons as well as week-end, Holiday, and Evening cases. Add-ons are vetted based on patient acuity and resource available. Directions for Add-on scheduling:

1. Submit a "Case Request" in Epic


2. Call the Charge RN for unit in which the procedure is intended to take place to discuss needs

Charge RN phone list:

Bend OR: 541-706-7789
Bend MDU: 541-706-6975
Bend Cath Lab: 541-706-7230
Redmond OR: 541-548-8131
Prineville OR: 541-447-6254
Madras OR: 541-475-3882

Add-ons are cases requested for the same day or next-day requests made after 11 a.m. the previous business day.

Preparing patients for surgery

Pre-Anesthesia Protocol 
Requirements for Surgery 
Optimization Recommendations 
Perioperative Anticoagulation Guideline

Guidelines and policies

Medicare Inpatient Only Procedures List
NCEPOD Classifications
Perioperative Anticoagulation Guideline 
Surgical Procedure Scheduling after 2200 hours 
Pre-Anesthesia Protocol 
Surgery and Procedural Schedule Management, Bend 
Surgical and Procedural Block Management, Bend


For the convenience of our MD offices, the forms listed below are formatted as Adobe Acrobat fillable .pdf forms. Click the links below to access the forms and save a copy to your desktop.

History and Physical Fax to Medical Records 541-598-3403
Surgical and Procedural Block Request See Form for Submission Options  
Flat Fee Request Form See Form for Submission Options  
Informed Consent Forms See Form for Submission Options  

Scheduling contacts

St. Charles Bend:
Surgical phone: 541-706-7788
Procedural phone: 541-706-7728

St. Charles Redmond:
Phone: 541-526-6503
Fax: 541-526-6568

St. Charles Prineville:
Phone: 541-447-8346
Fax: 541-416-9942

St. Charles Madras:
Phone: 541-460-4083
Fax: 541-460-4070

Miscellaneous Contacts

Medical Records
Phone: 541-706-7166
Fax queue: 541-598-3403 (surgical and procedural-related medical only)

OR special requests/Supply Chain:
Phone: 541-706-7745 option 2

Bend pre-surgery clinic
Phone: 541-706-2718