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Dying Three Times

On May 10, 2018, Robert Edwards was snowboarding near the summit of Mt. Bachelor when he felt pain in his chest and started struggling to breathe. He told a friend he felt like he was having a heart attack. “Nah,” his friend replied, “you’re just fat and old like me.”

In fact, Robert, 37, was having a heart attack, one so deadly it’s known as a “widowmaker.” Robert made it to Mt. Bachelor’s medical facility, where he went into cardiac arrest and then was revived for the first of three times that day. The second time he was revived, he was on an operating table at St. Charles Bend. “Quit shocking me!” he called out to his caregivers. “Well quit dying!” retorted Dr. Bruce McLellan.

Robert and his wife Aubrey would like to thank Mt. Bachelor’s medical staff, the AirLink crew that flew him to Bend, Dr. Bruce McLellan and his expert heart team, and nurses Kristin and Summer for their roles in saving his life.