Continuing Medical Education

St. Charles Health System is accredited by the Oregon Medical Association to sponsor continuing medical education (CME) for physicians. While physicians are the primary target audience, many of our CME activities are awarded credit by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Nurses receive credit for our CME activities through our collaboration with St. Charles Clinical Education Manager Dawn Vollers.

CME formats include:

Live Activities, Internet Point of Care, Enduring Materials, and Performance Improvement CME. The CME program provides regularly scheduled clinical conferences in eight specialty areas. The program provides a Grand Rounds lecture series, with live broadcast to Redmond, Prineville, Madras, Burns, John Day and Lakeview, allowing those participants to receive credit as well. These lectures may also be viewed later through a video archive link. Grand Rounds are also held on-site in Prineville and Redmond. We provide workshops in various specialty areas, as well some jointly sponsored CME activities.

The CME program awards credit for skills courses which are implemented by the AHA Training Center Coordinator. The CME program regularly collaborates within a system framework (departmentally across four campuses) and with other health care stakeholders (e.g., health department, insurance providers, schools, patient advocacy groups). It develops activities/educational interventions to improve population health, reduce cost of care, and improve the patient's experience. Medical library services are an essential component of the CME program.

Medical students, PA students and residents are expected to participate in CME during their clinical rotations. In addition, Mountain View High School students attend select Grand Rounds as part of their Biomedical Foundations curriculum.

CME Requirements for Providers with Prescription Authority in Oregon

License Type Annual Requirement Other Requirements Resource
Physician (MD, DO) 30   Oregon Medical Board
Physician Assistant (PA) 30   Oregon Medical Board
Nurse Practitioner 45, including a minimum of 15 hours in pharmacotherapeutic content at NP-level of specialty role.
National certification will satisfy up to 50% of total CE requirement.
One-time 7-Hour CE on Pain Management Oregon Board of Nursing
Pharmacists 15 At least 2 hours of pharmacy and drug law, 2 hours of safety/error prevention and 26 'other' (therapeutics, etc.) hours. Oregon Board of Pharmacy

Resources for No-Cost Online CME

Maintenance of Certification (MoC)

Live (In-Person) CME Activities

St. Charles Health System utilizes the Electronic Education Database System (eeds) to track attendance at live CME activities, including Grand Rounds, clinical conferences, procedural skills workshops and others.

You can also use eeds to self-report and track CME earned from more than one source.

or Create an Account on eeds.

Resources for Planning CME Activities

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds presentations are scheduled on Fridays from 7:00 to 8:00 am. Check the CME Event Calendar to see the scheduled sessions, and join any of them by using the Webex link

Other Grand Rounds recordings (non-SCHS)

  1. Angus, Derek. Optimized Learning While Doing: The REMAP-CAP Adaptive Platform (NIH Collaboratory)
  2. Haffner, Michael. Histomorphological Clues in Prostate Cancer (University of Washington, Medicine. Department of Pathology)
  3. Hall, Charles. Boredom in an Age of Social Distancing (UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital)
  4. Hartl, Roger. Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center)
  5. Hintz, Courtney. Sports Medicine Lecture Series: Bone Health and Menstrual Dysfunction (University Of California Los Angeles. Family Medicine)
  6. Jarvik, Jeffrey et al. Advances at the Intersection of Digital Health, Electronic Health Records and Pragmatic Clinical Trials (NIH Collaboratory)
  7. Kay, Jonathan. Update on Biosimilars (University of Massachusetts. Medical School)
  8. Kohn, Mark. Kinematic Alignment in Total Knee Arthroplasty (University of Washington, Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine)
  9. Latimer, Caitlin. Resistance and Resilience to Alzheimer’s Disease (University of Washington, Medicine. Department of Pathology)
  10. Mitchell, Deanna. Childhood Bleeding Disorders (Spectrum Health)
  11. Rabow, Michael. Then and Now: Grief & Bereavement in the Time of Covid-19 (University of Alabama. School of Medicine)
  12. Rincon, Mercedes et al. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Interleukin-6, and Cytokine Storm Induced By COVID-19 (University of Colorado. Department of Medicine)
  13. Sholl, Lynette. The Spectrum of Lung Neoplasia (University of Washington, Medicine. Department of Pathology)
  14. Toruner, Cagri. Kawasaki Disease (Nationwide Childrens Hospital)