TARGET AUDIENCE: The St. Charles Medical Library provides physicians, advanced practice providers (NPs and PAs), and clinical pharmacists across Central and Eastern Oregon with direct access to the most up-to-date, evidence-based information available.

Location: St. Charles Bend Campus. The Library is located on the second floor (Bend Hospital) above the deli. Access is provided to all caregivers.

Medical Librarian: Javier Leiva.

Whatever your job responsibilities at SCHS, sometime during the year you will need information – to treat a patient, evaluate programs or services, educate staff or patients, or for your own health concerns. Do you know where to find the information you need?

The SCHS Medical Library is here to meet your knowledge-based information needs. Whether you come into the library or communicate via email, phone, or interoffice mail, the library has many information resources and services to help you.

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Do you need an article, a book chapter, or another document? Reach out for help at any time via email:

If you want general consumer health information, please contact the Deschutes Public Library &/or Deschutes County Public Health.