St. Charles Health System's Community Benefit department has completed the Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) and accompanying Implementation Plans for each of the communities served by St. Charles.

Throughout the past two years of a global pandemic, we have witnessed firsthand the importance of routine health care and healthy lifestyles in prevention of serious illness. Our health care heroes have learned that it isn’t enough to be there when people are acutely ill - preventing illness in the first place makes an incredible difference when every bed, every caregiver, every dose of medication counts.

Of course, St. Charles can’t impact the health of the entire Central Oregon region on its own. We need our community partners with us every step of the way.

The information presented in the following documents help us choose the priority areas that will be the focus of our next regional health implementation strategy. 

Deschutes County

Community Health Needs Assessment 2023-2025

Crook County

Community Health Needs Assessment 2023-2025

Jefferson County

Community Health Needs Assessment 2023-2025

Full Survey

Download the 2023-2025 survey

Prior Years

View and Download CHNA from prior years

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