Our community services

Care coordination: Individuals and families in the tri-county region -- including Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties -- are partnered with a community health educators who provides assistance navigating the health care system and identifying and eliminating barriers to accessing health and human services and community resources at no cost to those in need.

Community Benefit: St. Charles has been contributing to programs that benefit the communities it serves since its inception. St. Charles makes it a priority to take care of underserved, disadvantaged populations throughout the tri-county region by funding community benefit programs that will increase population health in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

Community Health Needs Assessment: The information contained in this report shows us clearly that while many of our communities are thriving, there are also geographic areas where chronic diseases are prevalent, management of those diseases is not under control and barriers to health care exist. From this information, we have determined that our areas of focus over the next year will be reducing feelings of loneliness and social isolation while fostering a sense of belonging in the communities we serve. 

Community Education Classes: 

  • Birthing and Breastfeeding  

  • Stroke Awareness  

  • Heart Health 101