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Reaching out: Rehabilitation services continue to grow

Reaching out Rehabilitation services continue to grow

Vicki Kisor-Bowman has impaired vision, which makes it difficult to drive. She had a stroke during a heart valve replacement surgery in May and, through occupational therapy, her vision is starting to return. Her husband was driving her from Prineville to Redmond for her therapy sessions multiple times a week before they realized her care could be handled at the St. Charles outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Pioneer Memorial Hospital.

"It's really nice," Kisor-Bowman said during a recent occupational therapy session. "I get done with my appointment at 3 p.m. and he gets off work at 3 p.m. so he can easily pick me up." St. Charles began offering physical, speech and occupational therapy in Prineville about a year ago. to meet the need in the community, the hours the facility is open have expanded and the Pmh center now has a dedicated physical therapist with Prineville as her home base.

"We are here and we can provide therapy for any ortho or neuro injury or diagnosis that gets in the way of mobility," said Shelley Mathewson, the physical therapist dedicated to the Prineville facility. "our goal is to help people become more independent so they can more fully enjoy their lives." Dorless reid, who has been seeing mathewson for physical therapy since July, said the care she has received has absolutely improved her life. reid said her rheumatologist suggested physical therapy to help relax her back muscles and improve her ability to walk.

When she started therapy, Reid couldn't step over a four-inch box, which Mathewson explained is the equivalent of being able to step up and over a curb. She couldn't complete a six-minute walk test and said her mobility issues were affecting the activities she attempted to accomplish each day. "If I went shopping, I was always looking for a parking spot that would get me as close as possible to where I needed to go," Reid said. "My experience in dealing with Shelley is that the care has been very personal. I'm very vocal about this to my friends. If you need to have physical therapy, try PMH first."

The success of rehabilitation services in Prineville has led the St. Charles team to look into bringing physical, speech and occupational therapy back to St. Charles Madras early next year as well, said Laurie McCall, rehabilitation manager. In Redmond, St. Charles is getting ready to expand into additional rehab clinic space and pelvic floor rehab is now being offered in Prineville as well as Redmond.

"We see the value and the need for these services in all of our communities," mcCall said.