If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Primary Care

For preventive screening, management of acute and chronic conditions and health checkups.

Aches and pains
Cough or cold
Unexplained body changes
Annual physicals, check-ups, screenings
Gynecological exams
Chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma management or high blood pressure
Minor injuries
Urinary symptoms

Open Weekdays
Hours Vary by Location

Lowest Co-Pay

By appointment only.

Urgent Care

For same-day evaluation of acute conditions and worsening chronic conditions.

Sore throat
Sinus or ear pain
Asthma exacerbation
Moderate shortness of breath
Urinary infections
Orthopedic Injuries
Minor Dislocations
Minor injuries, such as bruises, nose bleeds, minor burns and cuts
Sexually transmitted diseases

Open Every Day
Hours Vary by Location

Moderate Co-Pay

Emergency Room

For life-threatening medical conditions and serious injuries.

Chest pain or pressure
New or worsening seizures
Difficulty breathing
Serious injury
Severe burns
Heavy bleeding
Signs of a stroke
Loss of consciousness
Fevers in children < 6 months old
Severe shortness of breath
Large joint dislocations
Severe dizziness
Severe and unusual headaches
Dangerously low blood pressure

Open 24/7

Highest Co-Pay

Long wait times are common.
Service is triaged by need.