Neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy can be debilitating, potentially shrinking a person’s world.

Destination Rehab, based in Bend, strives to combat that effect by helping people with these conditions get outside via adaptive, accessible activities. In addition to one-on-one physical therapy, Destination Rehab offers programs packed with fitness and adventure, such as hiking and rock climbing. The programs give patients an opportunity to build a support system and reconnect with activities they enjoy, says Stephanie Odell, the donor journey coordinator at Destination Rehab.

“There’s a lot of meaningful connections that get created,” Odell said. “It's really showing them that they can go out and do it on their own and empowering them to get back into things that they love.

The non-profit organization offers three community programs:

  • The Adventure group, which runs from May to October and takes participants outside for activities like kayaking, bird watching and hiking.
  • Peak Fitness and Education, which provides year-round workout classes adapted to the needs of participants, ranging from yoga to boxing.
  • Rock Climbing for Health, launched this year, meets fox six weeks at Bend Rock Gym.

In addition, Destination Rehab hosts a day-long event, Soar, packed with wellness and outdoor activities specifically created for people with physical challenges and disabilities. This year, Soar is set for Saturday, July 8.

Any patients over the age of 18 are welcome to join Destination Rehab. Some people find the program through physical therapy and stay for the engaging programs, Odell said, while thers come just for the programs – participants don’t need to be physical therapy patients to join.

Odell said she sees patients build confidence and take back their life, not letting their diagnosis define who they are.

“There's so much confidence building and independence building and social support,” she said.

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