The COVID-19 pandemic has forced health systems like St. Charles to make rapid changes in a matter of days that previously would have taken months or years – and that’s a good thing.

“We know the health care industry needs to change,” said Joe Sluka, president and CEO of St. Charles. “People should have the right to access care the way they want to and at a price they can afford.”

Yet, the ability to change quickly has often been difficult in a complex, highly regulated system that doesn’t control most of its own costs or how it is paid for services. Because health systems, like other businesses, had to adapt quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a good time to evaluate the changes made, focus on what worked and on sustaining positive forward momentum.

To that end, St. Charles is asking patients and community members for help redesigning health care. The organization has put together a short survey and is asking for feedback on the current health care system and ideas for improvement.

“I hope we hear from thousands of Central Oregonians with their thoughts on how we can improve,” Sluka said. “We want all your wildly creative ideas along with information on your specific experiences to help us reframe the way we think about the services we provide.”

Those who are willing could also have the chance to participate in a virtual focus group to provide more detailed information and discussion on the topic of health care improvement.

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