With the pandemic nearing the six-month mark and the start of the school year approaching, more and more parents are wondering how COVID-19 is affecting children and how to help their kids navigate this time of uncertainty and change.

In an effort to provide guidance and resources, local health care organizations have teamed up to host a live, interactive panel discussion among pediatric providers on Facebook Live at noon on Sept. 8. The panel of experts will feature:

  • Licensed clinical social worker Regina Joshi-McGaw from Central Oregon Pediatric Associates (COPA)
  • Pediatric neuropsychologist Dr. Daniel Kriz from the St. Charles PEDAL Clinic
  • Licensed clinical social worker Lindsey Overstreet of Mosaic Medical

The agenda will include a presentation by the panelists as well as a time for Q&A with the virtual audience. The presentation – titled Parenting in a Pandemic – will cover a wide range of topics, including back-to-school challenges, caring for your child’s mental wellbeing, keeping your kids safe in their interactions with others (both virtually and in real life) and the importance of caring for yourself so you can care for others.

“Without a doubt, this is a challenging time for all of us. COVID-19, separation from loved ones, social unrest, intense images on TV -- there are a lot of things happening that could cause kids to ask questions or to feel stressed or scared,” said Joshi-McGaw.

“It’s important for parents to remember that kids are not adults,” she continued. “They receive and process information in their own way, and they really need the adults in their lives to talk with them and help them understand what’s going on and what it all means.”

The event will be broadcast on the St. Charles Facebook page and also shared on the COPA and Mosaic Medical Facebook pages.