A few stories about St. Charles caregivers going above and beyond to help people have made their way to me lately, and they serve as good reminders of why we do what we do.

These stories played out in three different towns in the area we serve – which is about the size of South Carolina, in case you weren’t aware.

They involved different types of caregivers – nurses, a surgeon, pharmacists, administrators, lab workers and so on. One of these situations involved a single caregiver, one involved a team and one required cooperation between St. Charles and multiple partner agencies.

In one case, a medical assistant on a break from work was running errands in town, discovered a person struggling and performed CPR until an ambulance arrived. She is credited with saving the person’s life.

In another, St. Charles caregivers moved swiftly and efficiently to help with a traumatic accident. They gathered necessary supplies, went to the scene of the incident and, working closely with emergency responders, provided life-saving care as quickly as possible.

In the third, a group of pharmacists became aware of a patient who was concerned about a barrier standing between her and an important medication. They worked together to help her overcome that barrier and filled her prescription the next day.

In a variety of situations, St. Charles caregivers came across a person who needed help. And in all three, our people rose to the occasion just like so many of our caregivers do day in and day out.

Quite simply, these stories have served as a reminder to me that, at its core, St. Charles is about much more than buildings and technology, policies and procedures.

St. Charles is about people.

It’s about people who need care, it’s about the people who provide that care, and it’s about the interaction between those two groups. Those interactions happen hundreds – maybe thousands – of times every single day at St. Charles, and they are overwhelmingly positive.

I am proud to lead an organization that puts people at the very center of everything we do.