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After you are tested for COVID-19, your provider will 

  • take samples and talk to you about next steps
  • send your samples to the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) or an authorized lab for testing

The lab will

  • test for COVID-19
  • give your health care provider and your local health department the results of your test

While you wait for your results, take steps to avoid spreading the virus:

  • Stay home, except to get medical care
  • Stay away from other people in your home
  • Don't share dishes, cups, eating utensils or linens with others
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Wash your hands often
  • Clean and disinfect common surfaces like phones, doorknobs and counters regularly

If your test shows you have COVID-19:

A positive COVID-19 test means you currently have or recently had the virus. Monitor your symptoms and seek medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, confusion or bluish lips or face.

  • Your health care provider will decide if you are sick enough to be in the hospital
  • Your county public health department will contact you
  • You will be asked to stay home for a period of time
  • Follow steps listed above to avoid spreading the virus

If your COVID-19 test is negative:

If your test is negative, the health care provider that ordered your test will contact you to let you know. If your test is negative, you probably didn't have the virus at the time of the test. But you an still get sick later.

  • Follow distancing guidelines and wash your hands often
  • Your provider may ask you to continue staying home.


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