Knee replacement

Are you tired of knee pain? It’s a common problem for many Americans who either suffer from arthritis, have experienced a knee injury or are just a victim of “wear and tear” due to aging. You don’t have to live with knee pain any longer. Get back to your old life with help from the orthopedic doctors at St. Charles Health System.

How does a knee replacement work?

When you have a knee replacement, you are taking a big step forward to stopping knee pain. Knee replacement (or knee arthroscopy) is a procedure in which a damaged or painful knee is replaced with an artificial joint. After the procedure, you’ll be able to move your knee joint back and forth without pain.

Do you qualify for knee replacement?

Whether it’s caused by severe knee joint damage from injuries, arthritis or infections, you may be a good candidate for knee replacement if:

  • Knee pain limits your daily activities
  • Knee pain is present even at rest
  • The knee joint is deformed
  • X-rays show severe joint damage to cartilage and bone
  • Other treatments like physical therapy haven’t worked

What you should expect during total knee replacement

During this pain-free operation, you’re asleep because of a general anesthetic. Your St. Charles Health System surgeon will make an incision in the knee to remove damaged cartilage and bone and replace it with plastic or metal surfaces meant to move smoothly inside your joint. You may spend several days in the hospital, but increasingly knee replacements can be completed with a short hospital stay or even as a same-day, outpatient surgery. It all depends on your personal medical condition and these expectations should be discussed with your surgeon. You will also likely spend time completing physical therapy after the surgery. Over time, with physical therapy, you’ll regain knee function with less and less pain.

Stop trying to push through your knee pain. For more information about joint replacement at St. Charles, call 541-706-4922.

In Central Oregon, St. Charles Health System strives to help people who need total knee replacement lead normal, healthy and happy lives.