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Cancer Care

Our Physicians and Care Team

Cancer is best tackled with a collaborative approach. Our nationally board certified medical oncologists work together with nationally board certified radiation oncologists to form a multi-disciplinary team:

  • Oncology nurses are registered nurses who specialize in cancer treatment.
  • Oncology pharmacists are responsible for ensuring safety in the delivery of chemotherapy.
  • Medical physicists oversee the technical aspects of the radiation treatment delivery equipment.
  • Dosimetrists custom design radiation treatment plans.
  • Radiation therapists deliver the treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Nurse navigators provide information and assistance from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.
  • Social workers provide counseling, emotional support, and address practical challenges.
  • Chaplain provides spiritual support through the cancer journey.
  • Nutritionists provide nutritional counseling to enhance appetite and ability to eat.
  • Survivorship and support staff facilitate programs and support services to help you and your family live well with and beyond diagnosis.
  • Integrative Therapy practitioners provide acupuncture, massage and Reiki during active cancer treatment.

This is your team. Because no one should go through cancer alone.