A new cancer center in Redmond 

Located on the corner of NW Kingwood Ave. and NW Canal Ave. in Redmond, our new cancer center will have a tremendously positive impact on our community, as it will expand access and services to Redmond and surrounding communities, serving 300 or more cancer patients every day. At more than 53,000-square-feet, the new St. Charles Cancer Center in Redmond will be nine times the size of our current facility in Redmond and will provide patients with comprehensive cancer services including radiation oncology, chemotherapy infusion, surgical oncology, expanded support services and much more.

Building designed by TVA Architects.

Architectural Renderings


Located on the second floor of the Cancer Center, a 5,000 square-foot chemotherapy infusion room with floor-to-ceiling windows will provide views of the Cascade Mountains. The space will include 24 infusion chairs, three privacy bays and a private waiting area.


St. Charles Cancer Center in Redmond will house two Linear Accelerator vaults as well as private waiting and dressing rooms. Our True Beam Linear Accelerator uses photon or electron beams to target and treat cancerous tumors with precision and accuracy through external beam radiation. The linear accelerator affords our patients: 

  • Flexible, high-precision treatment options 

  • Advanced imaging to pinpoint the exact location of a tumor 

  • High degree of reliability 

  • Built-in safety features


Brachytherapy delivers localized cancer treatment through internal radiation. This new world-class treatment, offered to patients in Bend in 2023, will expand to Redmond with the opening of the new Cancer Center. This area will also include a multipurpose room for anesthesia, treatment and recovery.


The building will house a full-service lab for cancer patients and will feature a private waiting area. The lab will provide same-day results for most tests. Waiting rooms and common spaces will be filled with sunlight and feature natural materials, clean lines and easy way-finding.


One of the Cancer Center’s 36 exam rooms will be located here. Each room has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our oncology patients.