Support Services

From the moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, you are a survivor. Cancer survivorship - living with and beyond cancer - is a reality for nearly 12 million people in the United States.

We offer programs and support services for survivors and caregivers designed to:

  • Guide you toward healthier living choices
  • Help you manage stress and anxiety
  • Introduce resources to help you manage everyday life
  • Provide information about community resources
  • Give you the confidence to write the next chapter of your life

Many of our programs are supported by generous donations from our community through the St. Charles Foundation.

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Nurse Navigators

Oncology nurse navigators provide individualized care coordination by guiding a patient diagnosed with cancer through the medical, emotional and educational aspects of cancer treatment. Navigators offer assistance with scheduling appointments, communication with the medical team, connecting with support services and finding available resources. There is no charge for this service, which is designed to assure that quality care is provided to the patient once the initial diagnosis is determined. For more information, call 541-706-6715.


Nutrition is an essential component of comprehensive cancer care, rehabilitation and survivorship. A registered dietitian is available to work with patients and their families, especially patients identified at risk for having nutritional problems or special needs. Nutrition classes are offered monthly for patients during treatment and beyond cancer treatment. For more information, call 541-706-4725.

Social Work

Our social workers assist patients with practical and emotional support to manage the stress of living with cancer. Social workers provide connection to locally funded organizations like Sara's Project, Wendy's Wish and CAN Cancer for assistance with non-medical living expenses, such as transportation, lodging, utility bills or rent payments. Social workers also refer to specialists, including psychiatrists, integrative therapies (like massage, acupuncture and Reiki), counselors, spiritual care, registered dietitians, nurse navigators, insurance specialists, medical financial assistance and survivorship programs. For more information, call 541-706-4864 or 541-706-6363.

Spiritual Care

Spirituality and religion may help patients and families find deeper meaning and experience a sense of personal growth during their cancer journey. A chaplain is available for one-on-one and family discussions to help cope with your cancer journey, respecting the beliefs of all involved. For more information, call 541-706-5800.

Harvest of HOPE

Patients diagnosed with cancer often have more than just the disease to consider.

Harvest of Hope provides nutritious, easy-to-prepare, nonperishable food items, such as canned fruits and veggies, pasta and marinara, beans and bread mixes to patients who qualify. These foods are combined with fresh produce, cheese and eggs to provide enough food to last a family several meals. Meal planning tools and healthy recipes are also included. For more information, call 541-706-4864 or 541-706-6363.

If you can benefit from this program or know a cancer patient who needs support, please call St. Charles Cancer Center Social Work at 541-706-5800.

If you're interested in donating to support our programs, you may contact the St. Charles Foundation at 541-706-6996 or click here to go to their website.