What is your payment and billing policy?
You can read more about our payment and billing policy here.

Do you accept patients with Medicare and Medicaid?
Yes. Our physicians who are accepting new patients will accept patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Do you work with the Community Care Network (CCN), Managed Health Network (MHN), Secure Horizons Direct or United Health Care?
We do not currently contract with the plans listed above. We can still provide you with medical care; however, you will likely have a higher out-of-pocket expense.

What insurance plans do you work with?
We contract with most major insurance plans offered in Central Oregon. Please contact us at 541-548-2164 if you have questions about your specific plan.

How can I contact the billing office?
Our central billing office representatives will be happy to respond to questions about your St. Charles Family Care statement, charges or insurance. Please call the billing office at 541-516-3866.