St. Charles Health System is now accepting applications for four grants administered by its Community Benefit program. Here are more details on each of the four:

Alcohol misuse prevention
For organizations, programs and services that work to address the issue of alcohol misuse in Central Oregon through education, prevention, intervention, treatment and/or recovery. St. Charles has identified alcohol misuse prevention as its priority for Community Benefit through 2022. Awarded quarterly. Learn more.

Basic needs
For organizations, programs and services seeking support for providing shelter, food and/or safety, with a focus on unmet needs in underserved and vulnerable populations. Awarded quarterly. Learn more.

For applicants seeking support for a community event or community fundraiser. Because St. Charles receives hundreds of requests for sponsorship, grant awards will be focused on opportunities that best align with our vision, mission and values. Awarded quarterly. Learn more.

Small grants
For applicants seeking $500 or less. Awarded monthly. Learn more.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Deadlines and notification dates are below. Requests will be reviewed quarterly in February, May, August and November.

Deadline for submission:
Feb. 1 - for notification on Feb. 28
May 1 - for notification on May 31
Aug. 1 - for notification on Aug. 30
Nov. 1 - for notification on Nov. 29

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