The British Library shares, under an open-access license (cc bt 4.0), five useful guides for anyone who wants to learn more about research, scholarly publication, intellectual property rights, access, and communication. Here are the titles and links to each of the guides: 

  • A guide to Publishing Research: Find out how to choose the right format of publication and select a publisher, including methods of peer review and open access policies.
  • A Guide to Sharing Your Research Online: Find out how to share your research publications online, including publishing open access, the benefits of social media, making use of research evaluation and analytics tools, and how to use persistent identifiers.
  • A Guide to Research Data Management: Find out how to manage your research data, from organisation and storage to security and sharing.
  • A Guide to Copyright and Creative Commons in Research: Learn the basics of copyright and licensing, find out what to consider when publishing your work and how to make use of published materials in your own research.
  • A Guide to Open Access: Find out what open access means, how to publish research on an open access basis, and discover the resources and tools that enable free, online access to publications.