Did you know you can create search alerts using the Discovery Power Searcher? Save your recurrent searches and get new results delivered to your email inbox or an RSS reader. Here is how to do it: 

  1. In the Search box, enter the topic you want to follow. You can use both the basic or the advanced search. Click on "Create alert" instead of "Search".
    1. If you want to receive the alerts via email, you will be prompted to sign in unless you are already identified. Once that is done, choose the settings you prefer and click on "Save alert". You will start receiving emails matching the criteria as soon as they are available. 
    2. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the search using a RSS reader. There is no need to sign in for that, and you simply need to copy the feed URL for the search and subscribe it on your favorite aggregator. Outlook supports RSS feeds, and here are also some other popular non-email-based readers: 

Follow the steps for email alerts using the tutorial  below: