If you are looking for medical literature on Ovid and want to share your search history with someone (with the library, for example, if you need some assistance), there is now an easy way to do it by using one of the new three buttons on the lower right part of the search screen:

"Ovid: Share Search History"


Here is what each option does:

  • Email all Search History: it generates an email that includes the search queries, a link to generate the same search history on Ovid and the search details.
  • Copy Search History Link: it generates the link to generate the search history, and it can be used to save as a bookmark or to share with someone else by different means. 
  • Copy Search History Details: it only generates the search details, without any link to Ovid, and it can then be shared with someone else by different means or just keep it in a different place. 

As an example, below you can see a search history that you can generate by clicking on this Search History Link

"Ovid Saved Search"


Do you need help? Contact the Medical Library.