Pre-surgery clinic screening and appointments

Our goal is to provide you with important information about the day of surgery, coordinate any diagnostic tests you may need and to address any questions you may have about your surgery.

A member of our team will call you to determine if you need to be seen in the Pre-Surgery Clinic prior to your surgery. The need for a visit is based on your medical history and the type of surgery you are having. If warranted, an appointment will be scheduled with you while you are on the phone. 

If you do not need an appointment, a nurse will call you one to three days before your surgery to review your medical history, medications, any recent lab work and to provide you with your pre-surgery instructions. If you have not been contacted by a nurse before 2 p.m. the week day before your surgery please call us at 541-706-6785 or the clinic Charge Nurse at 541-706-2718. The nurse can answer any questions you may have about the surgery. This phone call usually takes between 30-40 minutes to complete.

During your visit you will:
  • Pre-register for your surgery
  • Verify your insurance information. If you are uninsured you can call the Financial Estimator Number (541)706-7780 or refer to our Patient Financial Assistance Guidelines
  • Meet with a Registered Nurse who will review your medical history, update your medical record, including all medication both prescription and non-prescription, document any previous surgeries and issues regarding anesthesia
  • Complete any necessary pre-operative labs or diagnostic tests
  • Receive important instructions for your day of surgery
  • Depending on your surgery, you may receive an educational video and/or CD that you can take home

What to bring to the appointment:

  • Any paperwork your doctor may have given you to bring to the hospital
  • A list of your current medications with dosages (including non-prescription medications), allergies to medications and any previous surgeries
  • Your insurance card, photo identification and co-pay if applicable
  • A list of hospital-related questions
  • A family member, or friend, if desired