Return to health after an orthopedic injury

Orthopedic injuries (musculoskeletal injuries) can be caused by all sorts of factors: traumatic injury, sports-related injury, or simple wear and tear on joints and muscles. St. Charles Physical Therapy provides you with outpatient orthopedic-specific and patient-centered injury rehabilitation. The most common orthopedic troubles may include sprains, strains, fracture, surgery, repetitive/overuse injuries and arthritis. Our physical therapists are trained to treat all of these painful diagnoses and get you back on your feet and feeling well again.

Recovering from traumatic orthopedic injury 

A traumatic injury to your body can be life changing, affecting even the most simple of tasks. When the body is injured, damage can be caused to ligaments, tendons, bone or muscles. As your body heals, compensations for your injuries may negatively impact the way your body moves. At St. Charles Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are here to provide you with early intervention in order to allow the body to heal correctly. This can be a process of retraining your body on proper movement, preventing further injury, and providing pain management strategies to decrease discomfort to return to pain-free activity.

Recovering from chronic muscle or skeletal injuries 

Dealing with muscle or skeletal injuries that have developed over time can be a very different process than injuries from a traumatic event. Our physical therapists understand that success in treating chronic conditions like overuse injuries or posture-related injuries means approaching rehabilitation from a more broad perspective with many treatment approaches. Exercise and movement is often the best method for improving health. We treat each and every patient’s condition as a unique situation and will help you on your journey to wellness.

Talk with your doctor about why you might need physical therapy

If you think that physical therapy will help your orthopedic needs, talk to your doctor sooner rather than later. The faster you get started, the faster St. Charles Physical Therapy can start you on the road to recovery. Want to learn more about St. Charles Physical Therapy in Bend? Give us a call at 541-706-5940.

Physical therapy can help with pain and get you back to the life you love in Bend, Oregon.