St. Charles patient care rooms are equipped with individual televisions for your entertainment. Many rooms also have DVD players so that you can watch movies. If you have any problems operating your television, please ask your direct caregivers for assistance.


Patient care rooms have a telephone for calls made inside the hospitals and to local numbers. Please dial 9, then 1 to reach an outside line.

Internet Access

Wireless internet service is available on the guest network to all patients and visitors at St. Charles hospitals. Go to your wireless network connections, select “St. Charles Guest” and click “connect.”A site agreement will open in your browser. In order to use this connection you will need to thoroughly read and agree to the terms by clicking “accept.”

Mobile Phone Use

Feel free to use your cell phone while visiting any of the St. Charles campuses. We ask that you respect our caregivers by not talking on a cell phone or texting while direct patient care is occurring, so that you can fully focus on your care.


If you would like a Bible, please ask your caregiver and one will be provided to you.

Before You Leave

Please check to make sure that you take all of your personal belongings when you are discharged.