Preparing for your test

  • Tell your doctor about any medicines (including over-the-counter medications, herbs and vitamins) you take. He or she may ask you not to take them before the test. Don’t stop taking them unless instructed to.
    • Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, stop taking any beta blocker or calcium channel blocker medications the day before and the day of your test.
      • View a comprehensive list of beta blocker and calcium channel blocker medications.
    • If you use an inhaler for your breathing, bring it with you to the test.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and walking shoes with rubber soles. Shorts or sweatpants and jogging or tennis shoes are good choices.
  • If you are scheduled for a Nuclear Stress Test, follow the above directions and the additional directions below:
    • It is absolutely necessary to avoid all caffeinated items for the entire day prior to your test and the day of your test. These include coffee and tea (including decaf), caffeinated sodas, chocolate, cocoa and certain pain medications that contain caffeine, such as Excedrine, Anacin, Midol, Fiorinal, etc. Please read the labels. If you have any additional questions about caffeine, please call. Caffeine can impact the accuracy of your test.
    • You are asked not to eat solid foods for four hours prior to your test. Please come well hydrated. You may have water, apple juice, cranberry juice or other clear, non-caffeinated liquids up to the time of your test.
      • Diabetic patients: If you take insulin to control your blood sugar, discuss with your doctor to determine how much insulin you should take the day of the test.
      • Please bring a light snack with you. Once the stress portion of the test is completed, you may eat.