What to avoid

Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, stop taking any beta blocker or calcium channel blocker medications the day before and the day of your test. Below is a comprehensive list of medications to avoid.

Beta blockers

Acebutolol Celol Levatol Selectol
Atenolol Chlorosulthiadil Levobetaxolol Slow-Pren
Atenolol/chlorthalidone Chlorphthalidolone Lopressor Sorine
Betagan Chlorthalidone Lopressor HCT Sotalol
Betapace Cordiax Lopressor HTZ Sotalol HCL
Betapace AF Coreg Metapranolol Tenoretic
Betaxolol Coreg CR Metoprolol succinate Tenoretic
Bisoprolol Coretal Metoprolol tartrate Tenormin
Bisoprolol/fumurate Corgard Metoprolol Tartrate/HTZ Tevacor
Bisoprolol/HCTZ Corzide Metoprolol/HTZ Timilol/HTZ
Blocadren Dilanorm Nadol Timolide
Brevibloc Dutoprol Nadol/benroflumethiazide Timolol
Brevibloc Esmolol Nebivolol Timolol Maleate/HTZ
Bystolic Esmolol Nebivolol HCL Toprol
Captol Inderal Normodyne Toprol XL
Cardem Inderal LA Oxprenolol Trandate
Carteolol Inderide Penbutolol Trandate HCL
Cartrol Inderide LA Phthalamodine Trascor
Carvedilol InnoPran Pindolol Trasidex
Carvedilol phosphate InnoPran XL Propranolol Trasitensin
Celipres Kerlone Propranolol HCL Visken
Celipro Labetalol Propranolol/HTZ Zebeta
Celiprolol Laracor Sectral Ziac

Calcium channel blockers

Acalas Clevidine Isradipine Nivadil
Adalat CC Clevidipine Isradipine ER Norvasc
Afeditab CR Cleviprex Lacidipine Plendil
Amlodipine Cleviprex Lacipil Pranidipine
Aranidipine Coniel Landel Prescal
Azelnidipine Covera-HS Lercanidipine Procardia
Barnidipine Dilacor XR Madipine Procardia XL
Baylotensin Dilt-CD Manidipine Rizelium
Baymycard Diltiazem Motens Sapresta
Benidipine Diltiazem ER Mylan Sibelium
Calan Diltiazem IR Nicardipine Sular
Calblock Diltzac Nicardipine ER Syscor
Calslot DynaCirc CR Nifedipine ER Taztia XT
Cardene Efonidipine Nifedipine IR Tiazac
Cardene SR Felodipine ER Nilvadipine Verapamil
Cardif Fendiline Nimodipine Verapamil ER
Cardizem Flunarizine Nimotop Verapamil IR
Cardizem CD Gallopamil Nisoldipine ER Verelan
Cardizem LA HypoCa Nitrendipine Verelan PM
Cartia XT Isoptin SR Nitrepin Zandip