Pediatric nutrition services help kids eat healthier

When kids have healthy eating habits, they have the best chance for a healthy lifestyle. They’re able to bring their best selves to school. They’re able to concentrate better. Their bodies have the best chance to grow up in a healthful way, with strong bones and muscles.

St. Charles Nutrition Center believes children should learn about healthy eating at a young age. Pediatric nutrition is important because poor nutrition can cause kids to have health problems. Some health problems associated with poor nutrition can be serious, and these problems can cause even more severe health issues as children grow into adults. Childhood obesity is a health problem that has more than tripled since the 1970s — about one in 5 U.S. children are obese.

Benefits of good nutrition for kids

  • Good energy level
  • Ability to learn and concentrate
  • Healthy weight for their height
  • Strong bones and muscles
  • Ability to fight off sickness and disease
  • Reduced risk of serious health issues as adults, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers and bone diseases

Discuss your child’s diet with your child’s health care provider or registered dietitian nutritionist before making any dietary changes or placing your child on a diet. Here are some general guidelines you can help your child follow to eat healthily:

  • Eat three balanced meals a day, with healthy snacks of fruits or vegetables in between
  • Increase fiber, decrease salt
  • Drink water, and avoid sugary drinks
  • Decrease sugar intake in general
  • Eat more lean chicken, fish and beans for protein

Nutrition counseling

St. Charles Health System provides a multifaceted approach to nutritional health treatment and guidance for child obesity, eating disorders and more. A registered dietitian nutritionist can help you plan healthy, nutritious meals for your child’s lifestyle, health condition and preferences. You and your child will learn how to prepare and eat healthier foods.

If you have questions about healthy nutrition for children, call St. Charles Health System at 541-706-3752. We’re ready to support you.

St. Charles Health System offers specialized nutrition counseling in Central Oregon.