Welcome to St. Charles Inpatient Rehab

Your admission to our Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility is an important first step in your recovery. Here you will receive three hours of therapy per day, six days per week. Your doctor and rehabilitation team will work with you to set goals and determine when you are ready to go home and get back to the life you love.

For questions related to an inpatient rehabilitation stay or information about whether you might qualify, please reach out to our admissions coordinator at 541-706-2663.

How Inpatient Rehabilitation compares to a skilled nursing facility

Inpatient Rehabilitation provides intensive therapy (usually three hours per day) involving at least two therapy disciplines; in a skilled nursing facility the intensity of therapy is usually much lower. Our facility is overseen by a physician who specializes in rehabilitation medicine and conducts daily rounds. In addition, we have access to a full range of hospital specialties: emergency diagnostics, surgical and medical services.

Inpatient Rehabilitation has a much higher nurse-to-patient ratio than a skilled nursing facility, with nurses certified specifically in rehabilitation nursing.

Our Rehabilitation facility is staffed with highly knowledgeable Physical and Occupational therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. Our therapy team is skilled with specialty training and certifications in geriatric and neurological disorders for both pediatrics and adults. Our staff have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and adaptive equipment to meet all of your acute rehabilitation needs.

Consulting physicians

Based on your medical needs, your rehabilitation physician will consult with the appropriate medical team members who will follow your care and make recommendations as needed. We also have access to the specialists and specialty services (dialysis, infusion, respiratory therapy, nutritionist, x-ray, etc.) you may have had while in the hospital for treatment.