Airway management is a broad-based term that, in non-emergency health care, usually refers to allergy and asthma therapy. These airway management therapies include short-term (or rescue) medications and long-term medications.

Short-term medications treat symptoms once they occur. They include bronchodilator medications that relax the bronchial smooth muscles that control the airways into and through the lungs. Short-acting inhaled medications are taken as needed to relieve immediate symptoms.

Long-term medications include anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator medications that help prevent symptoms from occurring by treating airway inflammation and airway obstruction.

Corticosteroids applied via inhalers are taken daily to prevent symptoms and keep asthma under control. Sometimes, oral corticosteroids are used longer term to control severe chronic asthma. Short courses of oral corticosteroids are used to help reverse the increased inflammation of a severe acute episode, speed recovery and prevent recurrence.

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