Breathlessness, wheezing, a tight chest and coughing are some of the common symptoms of asthma. Recognizing and avoiding asthma triggers is a good way to prevent asthma attacks and control the symptoms. Using prescribed medications is another tool for asthma treatment and management.

Bronchodilator therapy at St. Charles Respiratory Care

Asthma management includes a two-pronged approach: treating asthma attacks when they occur and achieving long-term control of asthma. The respiratory therapists at St. Charles Respiratory Care employ bronchodilator therapy in Central Oregon for patients with asthma. Bronchodilator medications relax the smooth muscles in the lungs, which widens the airway passages so a person with asthma can breathe easier. These medications can both relieve and prevent symptoms associated with asthma. Bronchodilator therapy is just one of the many respiratory services we offer at St. Charles Respiratory Care to help people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and a host of other respiratory conditions.

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Find a range of respiratory treatments, including bronchodilator therapy, in Central Oregon at St. Charles Health System.